Social Institutions: Continuity And Change

Social Institutions: Continuity And Change


Write a short note on dysfunctions of the caste system.


Dysfunctions of caste system in India:

(i) The caste system creates obstacles to the unity of the country. It opposes national consciousness by imposing social restrictions and ideas of purity and pollution.

(ii) Untouchability is the most worst gift of the caste system. It is like cancer to the society.

(iii) Caste under horizontal and vertical social mobility and may thus, force on individual to carry on the traditional occupation against his/her will and capacity.

(iv) Industrial development is also affected in the presence of caste system as entrepreneurs tend to recruit people of their own caste and this favouritism increases in society.

(v) As efficiency and motivation is throttled by the rigidity of the caste system, it retards all round development of human personalities.

(vi) The caste system usually does not provide opportunity to enhance the status of woman in the public sphere.

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