Social Institutions: Continuity And Change

Social Institutions: Continuity And Change


Describe the constitutional provisions that safeguard the interests of the scheduled castes in India.


These are important measures taken by the Indian government for scheduled castes are as under:

(i) Untouchability has been abolished.

(ii) Protection from social injustice and various forms of exploitation.

(iii) Keep open to them, religious institutions of public character.

(iv) Removal of restrictions on their access to wells, tanks, shops restaurants and roads etc.

(v) Giving them preferential treatment in admission to educational institutions.

(vi) Giving them other benefits and grants for pursuing education.

(vii) Compensatory provision for recruitment and promotion in government services.

(viii) Giving them special representation in Lok Sabha and state assemblies.

(ix) Setting-up separate department and advisory councils to promote their welfare and safeguards their interests.

(x) Making special provisions for the administration and control of the Scheduled areas.

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