Change and Development in Industrial Society

Change and Development in Industrial Society


In a short paragraph Discuss the bidi industry as a home based work in India.


The bidi industry, as a home based work:

(i) The process of making bidis starts in forested villages where villagers pluck tendu leaves and sell it to the forest department or a private contractor who in turn sells it to the forest department.

(ii) On average a person can collect 100 bundles (of 50 leaves each) a day.

(iii) The government then auctions the leaves to bidi factory owners who give it to the contractors.

(iv) The contractor in turn supplies tobacco and leaves to home-based workers.

(v) These workers, mostly women, roll the bidis first dampening the leaves, then cutting them, filling in tobacco evenly and then tying them with thread.

(vi) The contractor picks up these bidis and sells them to the manufacturer who roasts them, and puts on his own brand label.

(vii) The manufacturer then sells them to a distributor who distributes the packed bidis to wholesalers who in turn sell to your neighbourhood pan shops.

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