Terms, Concepts And Their Use In Sociology

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    Discuss briefly the attitude of the sociologists for social control. Give two examples.


    The term ‘social control’ is generally used by sociologists to refer to the second kind of regulations in which the appeal to values and norms reduces or mitigates tensions and conflicts among individuals and between groups.

    Example : 1. Edward A. Ross initially used the term of social control for maintaining order in society. However his use of the concept was rather vague. Yet, one gathers that he was chiefly concerned with those regulative institutions that insure individual behaviour in conformity with group demands.

    2. William G. Sumner attempted in his well-known book.

    Folkways (1906) a somewhat similar task (as it was referred by E.A. Ross). In the sub title of his book, A study of the sociological Importance of Usages, Manners, Customs and Morals, he (Sumner) indicates that norms serve to insure individual conformity.

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