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    What is social control ? Do you think the modes of social control in different spheres of society are different ? Discuss.


    Meaning of social control : Social control refers to various means use by a society to bring its reacalcitraint or unruly members back into line.

    I think the modes of social control in different sphere society are not same but different:

    (i) For a functionalist perspective social control refers to (a) the use of force to regulate the behaviour of the force to regulate the behaviour of the individual and groups and also refers to the (b) enforcing of values and patterns for maintain of order in society. Social control here is directed to restrain deviant behaviour of individuals or groups on the one hand, and on the other, to mitigate tensions and conflicts among individuals and groups to maintain social order and social cohesion. In this way social control is seen as necessary to stability in societys

    (ii) Social control as a impose mechanism : According to scholars conflict theorists generally wood like to see social control more as a mechanism to impose the social control of dominant social classes on the remaining people of society.

    They say stability of the society would be seen at the writ of once section over other section of the society.

    In such situation of low or act would be the seen as the formal writ of the powerful and these interest (selfs) on society.

    (iii) Social control to check behaviour : These is opinion some people that social control refers that social powers, techniques and stregies by which the behaviour of a group or any individual is controlled or regulated. It refers both to the use of forced (power) to regulate the behaviour of the individual and the groups.

    This theory also refers to the enforcing of some values and patterns for maintaining order in society.

    (iv) Formal or Informal types of social control social may be informal or formal. When the codified, systematic and other formal mechanism of control is used, it is known as formal social control. These are agencies and mechanism of formal social control, for example, law and state. In a modern society formal mechanisms and agencies of social control are emphasised.

    In every society there is another type of social control that is known as informal social control.lt is personal, un official and uncodified. They include smiles, making faces, body language frowns, criticism, ridicule, language etc. These can be great variations in their use within the same society. In day to day life they are quite effective.

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