Terms, Concepts And Their Use In Sociology

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    What is formal social control ?


    Formal Social Control.

    1. Formal controls include all the legislation and enactments practiced at various levels such as village, district, state and national level from to time.

    2. Due to limitations and weaknesses of informal social control mechanisms, several organisations and positions specialising in the process of social control have been created in modern societies.

    3. Formal control is ‘official’ and generally involves big organisations such as police departments.

    4. The agents of formal organisations and rules enforce conformity. Police departments and other law - enforcement agencies, mental hospitals and prisons, etc. are organisations of this type, enforcing rules that have been written into law.

    5. Members of social control agencies make up sizeable portion of the labour force and include police officers, judges, lawyers, prison employees, tax collectors, legislators, social workers, ministers, doctors and other officials in government regulatory agencies. All of them exert social control as a part o their duties.

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