Terms, Concepts And Their Use In Sociology

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    What are various means of social control ?


    Various means of social control:

    1. Rules : Several type of rules such as road and transport rules control the behaviour of an individual or of a group. Rules check our behaviour in the day-to-day life and maintain law and order as well as discipline in schools, colleges and on roads etc.

    2. Criticisms and condemnations : The deviant people of the society break rules and

    laws. They smoke in public places and consume liquor. They use filthy language in their conversation and display indecent mannerism. Such person generally become victims of criticisms and condemnations . These are means of social control.

    3. State, educational institutions (such as schools, colleges) civic bodies (i.e. Panchayats, muncipalities and corporation etc.) and a variety of other institutions (such as family, clan, caste, kin, state, religion, economy organisation etc.) are means of social control.

    4. Press and other mens media (Radio, T.V., films, computers, internets etc.) are also means of social control.

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