NCERT Solutions for Class 8th English

In Class 8, English is a significant and high-scoring subject. The English curriculum for Class 8 places a strong emphasis on comprehending rhetorical devices.

One of the most crucial factors is having sufficient English skills, as English has been deemed a worldwide language and is widely utilized in many fields of employment. Students should prioritize understanding the complexities of this subject in class 8 in order to improve their communication abilities and build a solid foundation in English literature.

Our NCERT solutions for CBSE class 8 English are very beneficial, having a basic command of English also helps. In addition to being useful for international communication, English is also home to a variety of fascinating and original literary masterpieces. There are so many talented writers and poets who have created magnificent works of literature that portray ideas with such depth and nuance. To comprehend great literary masterpieces, one must begin with the first chapter and gradually add vocabulary and language over time.

Why should you read NCERT solutions for CBSE class 8 English?

Expert English teachers specifically selected the NCERT solutions for class 8 English to aid pupils by streamlining the process of studying both prose and poetry. The CBSE solutions for class 8 English is essentially split into two sections that deal with prose and poetry separately. It also offers insightful answers to important topics through careful textual analysis.

CBSE Solutions for Class 8th English All Chapters 2023-24


Chapter 1 : The Best Christmas Present in the World | The Ant and the Cricket

Chapter 2 : The Tsunami | Geography Lesson

Chapter 3 : Glimpses of the Past | Macavity : The Mystery Cat

Chapter 4 : Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse of Memory | The Last Bargain

Chapter 5 : The Summit Within | The School Boy

Chapter 6 : This is Jody’s Fawn | The Duck and the Kangaroo

Chapter 7 : A Visit to Cambridge | When I set out for Lyonnesse

Chapter 8 : A Short Monsoon Diary | On the Grasshopper and Cricket

Chapter 9 : The Great Stone Face - I

Chapter 10 : The Great Stone Face - II

It So Happened

Chapter 1 : How The Camel Got His Hump

Chapter 2 : Children At Work

Chapter 3 : The Selfish Giant

Chapter 4 : The Treasure Within

Chapter 5 : Princess September

Chapter 6 : The Fight

Chapter 7 : The Open Window

Chapter 8 : Jalebis

Chapter 9 : The Comet - I

Chapter 10 : The Comet - II

If you have access to NCERT Solution for Class 8 English, then other subjects like Science, Math will be become much easier.

The NCERT English curriculum for Class 8 includes two books. "Honeydew" is the first novel, while "It So Happened" is the second. Both of these books are expertly put together to improve students' learning. Ten chapters of NCERT English Honeydew are prose, while eight chapters are poetry. Students are urged not to miss any of these chapters because they are all equally crucial for the exam.

NCERT solutions for class 8 English all chapters PDF

There are conveniently accessible PDF copies of the "English Honey Dew" NCERT solutions for class 8 English all subjects. These PDFs are available to students on online learning platforms like Wired Faculty. When students wish to rapidly review key concepts, they can use the handbook-like functionality of PDF editions.

The 10 chapters of "It So Happened" by NCERT for Class 8 English are all written in prose. These chapters contain numerous enjoyable and significant works of literature that have been carefully chosen. Students should pay close attention to every reference that the writers in these chapters make.

Why choose Wired Faculty for NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English?

Class 8 English chapter list benefits pupils in a variety of ways, including:

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  • Comprehension of literary devices is provided.
  • Aids in learning the definitions and synonyms for every eighth-grade English lesson.
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All of the responses were submitted by English language professionals with relevant teaching experience. Their responses are succinct and direct. They can be trusted to deliver.

The Board-mandated NCERT Guidelines are completely followed in the responses. Wired Faculty's CBSE class 8 English Study Materials for 2022-23 session don't include any extraneous details. Wired Faculty offers all of its solutions for free.