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It So Happened Chapter 6 The Fight
  • NCERT Solution For Class 8 English It So Happened

    The Fight Here is the CBSE English Chapter 6 for Class 8 students. Summary and detailed explanation of the lesson, including the definitions of difficult words. All of the exercises and questions and answers from the lesson's back end have been completed. NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English The Fight Chapter 6 NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English The Fight Chapter 6 The following is a summary in Hindi and English for the academic year 2021-2022. You can save these solutions to your computer or use the Class 8 English.

    Question 1

    How did the Maids of Honour come to know that the Princess and the bird had become intimate friends?


    When the Madis of Honor brought breakfast to the princess, they saw the bird eating rice out of her hand, bathing in the saucer, and singing a beautiful song. This showed them that intimate friends had become the princess and the bird.

    Question 2

    In what way is the forest pool different from the one which Ranji knew in the Rajputana desert?


    Ranji had seen only sticky and muddy pools in the desert of Rajputana. But the forest pool was filled with clean, cool water. At its bottom, he could see the soft round bottom.

    Question 3

    The other boy asked Ranji to ‘explain’ himself.

    (i) What did he expect Ranji to say?
    (ii) Was he, in your opinion, right or wrong to ask this question?


    (i)  He was looking forward to Ranji apologizing and leaving the pool.
    (ii) To my mind, it was wrong for the boy to ask Ranji why without consent he had entered his pool. It was in the forest because it was pool and it was not his property.

    Question 4

    Between Ranji and the other boy, who is trying to start a quarrel? Give a reason for your answer.


    The other boy is beginning to quarrel. He's a foolish boy and assumes he's the pool owner. As an intruder, he takes Ranji. Ranji attempts to be friendly on the other hands.

    Question 5

    “Then we will have to continue the fight,” said the other.

    (i) What made him say that?
    (ii) Did the fight continue? If not, why not?


    (i) Ranji refused to leave the pool after a long fight. The other kid decided to battle to beat Ranji again and scare him away.
    (ii) No, the fight wasn't going on. None of them took the fighting initiative. Then the other kid said that if Ranji dared to return to the pool, they would continue the battle the next day.

    Question 6

    What is it that Ranji finds difficult to explain at home?


    When Ranji reached his face, he bruised and wounded his legs and arms. He discovered it hard to explain how all over his body he received those cuts and scratches.

    Question 7

    Ranji sees his adversary in the bazaar.

    (i) What does he wish to do?
    (ii) What does he actually do, and why?


    (i) When Ranji saw his adversary in the bazaar, he wanted to throw his enemy with the empty bottle, but he didn't. Then he believed the other way around turning his head and ignored the kid.
    (ii) In his adversary's eyes, he looks angrily and scornfully straight.

    Question 8

    Ranji is not at all eager for a second fight. Why does he go back to the pool, then?


    Ranji feels tired and weak. He knows that if he has a second fight, he'll beat him. But he thinks he'll lose his claim to the pool forever if he doesn't go to take up the challenge. He decides to lose a fight better than losing his respect. So he's returning to the pool.

    Question 9

    Who was the better swimmer? How do you know it?


    The better swimmer was Ranji. He can dive under water and swim. When the other boy made fun of him by saying he couldn't move across the pool, Ranji dived directly into the water and surfaced in a flash at the other end. This shows that Ranji has been a better swimmer than Warrior.

    Question 10

    What surprises the warrior?


    The Warrior expects him to come out of the water in front of him when Ranji is swimming under water. But Ranji is going around him and appearing quietly behind him. The warrior's surprises.

    Question 11

    Now that they are at the pool, why don’t they continue the fight?


    Ranji doesn't want to start the fight again. It doesn't seem like the other boy is eager to fight. He's very happy with the swimming of Ranji. He intends to make friends with him now.

    Question 13

    What, according to you, makes the two adversaries turn into good friends in matter of minutes? Explain it as you have understood it.


    Both of them realize that the fight can not be won by either of them. Then they find in each other certain skills that they don't have themselves. Seeing how well Ranji dived and swam underwater, the other kid forgets the battle and asks him to teach him this swimming skill. The willingness of Ranji to help the other boy made their friendship possible, and so the opponents became good friends.

    Question 14

    Is fighting the only wy of resolving differences of opinion? What else can be done to reach a mutually acceptable settelement?


    Fighting is never a way to solve issues. Fighting produces only distinctions. The best way to resolve disagreements is to speak in peace and find the best solution to the issue.

    Question 15

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