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It So Happened Chapter 7 The Open Window
  • NCERT Solution For Class 8 English It So Happened

    The Open Window Here is the CBSE English Chapter 7 for Class 8 students. Summary and detailed explanation of the lesson, including the definitions of difficult words. All of the exercises and questions and answers from the lesson's back end have been completed. NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English The Open Window Chapter 7 NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English The Open Window Chapter 7 The following is a summary in Hindi and English for the academic year 2021-2022. You can save these solutions to your computer or use the Class 8 English.

    Question 1

    Why had Framton Nuttel come to the “rural retreat”?


    Framton Nuttel had poor nerves. He came to retreat in the countryside to rest and heal his pain.

    Question 2

    Why had his sister given him letters of introduction to people living there? 


    In the country, Framton knew no one. His sister knew he wouldn't talk to anyone, and moping would make his nerves worse. So she gave him a few introductory letters so he could visit and speak to individuals. She hoped that this would help heal his pain.

    Question 3

    What had happened in the Sappleton family as narrated by the niece?


    The husband of Ms Sappleton and her two brothers had gone three years ago to shoot through the open French window. That summer it had rained strongly. Many locations have become treacherously boggy that had been secure in past years. They were all enveloped in a piece of bog when they crossed the moor to their favorite shooting place. They could not recover their bodies.

    Question 4

    What did Mrs Sappleton say about the open window


    Mrs Sappleton informed Framton that her husband and siblings had gone to the marshes to shoot water birds. It was anticipated that they would return shortly. They went through the window all the time. So she kept it open to them.

    Question 5

    The horror on the girl’s face made Framton swing around in his seat. What did he see?


    When Framton swung around, he saw in the evening light a silhouette of three males and a dog. Then a heavy voice shouting at the dog was heard.

    Question 6

    Why did Framton rush out wildly? 


    The girl had told Framton that exactly three years ago the three men and their dog died. To see them coming, she looked horrified. Framton was sure they were actually the dead men's ghosts. He was horrified and rushed widespread out of the house.

    Question 7

    What was the girl's explanation for his lighting exit?


    The girl said that she had a horror of dogs. She explained that she was once hunted into a cemetery on the banks of the Ganges by a pack of dogs. He had to spend a whole night in a newly dug grave to escape the dogs the dogs had kept snarling and growling all night just above her.

    Question 8

    Is this a mystery story? Give a reason for your answer.


    Yes, it's a story of mystery. The girl told Framton that in a boggy the three men were killed and they could not recover their bodies. But Mrs Sappleton hasn't lost hope, and she thinks they're going to come back. She keeps open the window. It's difficult to think that the dead can come alive after three years when the three people and their dog actually appear. That's a mystery. But it becomes apparent the mystery. The niece actually produced up a tale. That very day, the men had gone shooting.

    Question 9

    You are familiar with the 'irony' of the situation in a story. Which situations in 'The Open Window are good examples of the use of irony?


    In ' The Open Window ' there are the following examples of irony:

    (i) Framton's sister gives him an introductory letter so he can talk to people and his nerves won't get worse. But his experience in the house of Sappleton demonstrates the opposite. He's running away more shaken than ever.
    (ii) Mrs Sappleton hopes that Framton, who says she was interested, was amusing Vera. But she had actually planned to scare him, and Framton and Mrs Sappleton are not aware of that.

    Question 10

    Which phrases/sentences in the text do you find difficult to understand? Select a few and guess the meaning of each. Rewrite a simple phrase of each.


    I discovered the following phrases / sentences hard to understand tot:
    Phrase: the room seemed to indicate male dwelling.
    Simple sentence: there were items in the room that stated that a person lived there. < br > Simple sentence: there was a piece of quicksand / marsh that looked secure, but it was hazardous and trapped people.
    br > Phrase: it became flawlessly human.
    Simple phrase: the tone seemed to be influenced by human pathetic emotion.

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