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It So Happened Chapter 9 The Comet - I
  • NCERT Solution For Class 8 English It So Happened

    The Comet - I Here is the CBSE English Chapter 9 for Class 8 students. Summary and detailed explanation of the lesson, including the definitions of difficult words. All of the exercises and questions and answers from the lesson's back end have been completed. NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English The Comet - I Chapter 9 NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English The Comet - I Chapter 9 The following is a summary in Hindi and English for the academic year 2021-2022. You can save these solutions to your computer or use the Class 8 English.

    Question 1

    Why does Indrani Debi dislike Duttada’s “hobnobbing” with Dibya?


    Indrani Debi dislikes the Hobnobbing with Dibya of her husband because that telescope was like a designer woman who had snatched her husband for her.

    Question 2

    She is complaining and smiling. Why is she smiling?


    She smiles at Duttada's forgotten nature. He uses the practical problem of living to overlook. She's got to look after her requirements.

    Question 3

    What was Duttada's Secret ambition?


    The secret ambition of Duttada was to find a new comet.

    Question 4

    What d id he do to achieve it?


    Mr Duttada purchased an eight nine telescope after his retirement and mounted it on his house's roof. He looked at the sky at dark night on a regular basis.

    Question 5

    What is the difference between a planet and a comet, as given in the story?


    Both planets and comets orbit the sun but a comet's orbit is extremely embedded. It comes from the solar system's remote corner. It has a long, brilliantly lit tail when it comes to the sun neer.

    Question 6

    Why was Duttada hopeful that he would discover a new comet soon?


    Duttada was hopeful that he would soon discover a new comet because he knew that faint stars and hazy galaxies would be viewed by the professionals with their pre-assigned programs. As a comet, they might miss such insignificant things that they wouldn't expect to see. Amateurs often had found fresh comets that had been missed by experts.

    Question 7

    Why does Duttada say - ' I almost wish I had not discovered this comet?'


    Duttada's been an introvert. His discovery of a comet brought advertising to be unwelcome. Often he was invited to receptions he didn't like. He was so fed up that he wanted the comet not to be found.

    Question 8

    Why is his wife unhappy about the discovery?


    The wife of Duttada believed that comets in the globe brought calamities. She wanted to avoid associating her husband with such a sinister item.

    Question 9

    How did Sir John get hold of James’ original manuscript?


    For publication, James sent his manuscript to Nature. The editor of Nature. Taylor was a friend of Sir Jhon. To give his opinion on it, he gave it to Sir John. Sir John got hold of James ' manuscript in this manner.

    Question 10

    What is the important point the paper makes?


    The important point in the paper is that in ten months Comet Dutta will certainly collide with Earth.

    Question 11

    Why does Sir John say that James’ paper should not be published?


    If Sir John realizes that it will generate panic throughout the globe if James paper is published. He wants it not to be published as it is.

    Question 12

    What do the two men finally decide to do?


    The two men decide in a week's moment to call an expert conference from all over the globe. The specialists will attempt to discover a way out of the imminent to save the world.

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