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Honeydew Chapter 9 The Great Stone Face - I
  • NCERT Solution For Class 8 English Honeydew

    The Great Stone Face - I Here is the CBSE English Chapter 9 for Class 8 students. Summary and detailed explanation of the lesson, including the definitions of difficult words. All of the exercises and questions and answers from the lesson's back end have been completed. NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English The Great Stone Face - I Chapter 9 NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English The Great Stone Face - I Chapter 9 The following is a summary in Hindi and English for the academic year 2021-2022. You can save these solutions to your computer or use the Class 8 English.

    Question 2

    What was the Great Stone Face?


    The great face of stone was Nature's work. It was formed by a enormous rock on the mountain side. It looked like the face of a person.

    Question 3

    What did young Ernest wish when he gazed at it?


    Young Ernest wanted the stone to talk because the face of stone looked so kind that he believed his voice had to be nice.

    Question 4

    What was the story attributed to the Stone Face?


    The story connected to the face of the stone that a baby would be born in the valley in the future. He'd be destined to become his time's biggest and most noble individual. His face would look precisely like the face of the rock.

    Question 5

    What gave the people of the valley the idea that the prophecy was about to come true for the first time?


    The people got the impression that a rumor that came through the valley was about to make the prophecy true. The rumor was that the good guy was in the valley, resembling the great stone face.

    Question 6

    Did Ernest see in Gathergold the likeness of the Stone Face?


    No, Ernest has been deceived. He did not notice any similarity in the old man's stone face.

    Question 7

    Who did he confide in and how was he proved right?


    Ernest confided in his own heart that he was not expecting the Gathergold to be the correct guy. He was demonstrated correct because after a while Gathergold died. He was a poor man at that time. Then all the individuals said he had no resemblance to the face of the rock. Ernest thought that sooner or later would come the most noble man of his moment. 

    Question 8

    What made people believe General Blood-and-Thunder was their man?


    General Blood and Thunder grew from a soldier to his current defense stance. He wanted to go back to his indigenous valley. People said the likeness of the big stone face was born. His friends from childhood also said the General always looked like the Great Face of Stone. It created individuals think that their guy was' General Blood-and-Thunder.'

    Question 9

    Ernest compared the man’s face with the Stone Face. What did he conclude?


    Ernest compared Blood-and-Thunder's face to the Great Stone Face and did not notice any resemblance. He found that some day comes the excellent man surley.

    Question 12

    Complete each sentence below using the appropriate forms of the verbs in brackets.

    (i) I _________ (phone) you when I _________ (get) home from school.
    (ii) Hurry up! Madam _________ (be) annoyed if we _________ (be) late.
    (iii) If it _________ (rain) today, we _________ (not) go to the play.
    (iv) When you _________ (see) Mandal again, you _________ (not/recognise) him. He is growing a beard.
    (v) We are off today. We _________ (write) to you after we _________ (be) back.


     I phoned you when I got home from school. 


    Hurry up! Madam will be annoyed if we are late. 


    If it rains today, we will not go to the play. 


    When you will see Mandal again, you will not recognise him. He is growing a beard. 


    We are off today. We will write to you after we are back.

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