Change and Development in Rural Society

Change and Development in Rural Society


Visit you local fruit-seller, and ask her/him about the fruits she/he sells, where they come from, and their prices. Find out what has happened to the prices of local products after fruits began to be imported from outside of India (such as apples from Australia). Are there any imported fruits that are cheaper than Indian fruits.


I am living at Adarsh Nagar. It is located near by Karnal road and just opposite to wholesale fruit market of north-west Delhi popularly known as New Fruit and Vegetable Mandi of Delhi. There are several retailers and howkers who sell fruits on handcarts.

Since 1990s liberalisation and globalisation have been accepted the doors of all countries products are open for Indian market. Our Indian fruit seller use to sale apples, produced in Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. Sometimes they sale orange of Nagpur. They also sale apples of Mahrashtra, UP and Madhya Pradesh. No doubt after globalisation certain whole seller are exporting India Mangoes, Orange and Apple to other countries due to these export India is earning a lot of foreign currency but there is shortage of good quality fruits and Indian consumers are forced to purchase low quality fruit on higher rate. Some of the fruits are coming from other countries. Such as apples are coming from Austrialia, grapes are coming from Pakistan and Afganistan. Due to imported fruits the price of Indian fruits come down. The Indian traders and merchants have to face the competition of multinational Companies. Every photograph has two sides-Nagative as well as positive. Globalisation cannot be exception to it. Definitely new economic policy or liberalisation, globalisation and perfect competition are showing some positive as well as negative impacts on Indian market.

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