Change and Development in Rural Society

Change and Development in Rural Society


Visit a construction site in your neighbourhood, a brickyard, or other such place where you are likely to find migrant workers. Find out where the workers come from. How are they recruited from their home villages, who is the ‘mukadam’? If they are from rural areas, find out about their lives in their villages and why they have to migrate to find work?


I am living at Gurgaon. It is roughly about 32 miles away from Delhi general private property dealers and housing and buildings constructions companies are engaged in construction works. The proprietor of these companies have employed many managers, engineers alongwith several labouerers who have migrated from Bihar, Jharkhand, Eastern UP and some parts of Rajasthan. Most of the labour are working on low wages because their bargaining power is very poor. They are exploited by clever contractors and managers were controlling the buildings construction works.

It is an accepted hard fact that as a livehood shortaged, men migrate out periodically in such of casued work and better wages. These migrant labour have come alongwith their women and children. They have left behind their very old parents in their respective villages.

Migrant workers have come mainly from drought areas (such as from western Rajasthan) and less productive region (such as eastern UP, very backword area of Bihar and Jharkhand). They work on brick kiln. They live in Kachha houses, tents, huts which have been prepared.

Their children suffer a lot. They are not going to school. Migration and lack of job security create very poor working and living conditions for these workers.

The group of migrant labours from Rajasthan, Eastern UP, Bihar and from Jharkhand are having four per as headman each of them belongs to migrant of different region. However, they are exploited by contractors or construction company they are forced to work for longer period and paid very less. They live in the near by area contiunously for many months. They faced the problem of air pollution also.

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