Change and Development in Rural Society

Change and Development in Rural Society


What do you understand by land reforms?


Meaning of Land Reforms: The term land reforms has been used both in a narrow and in a broad sense.

(a) In the narrow and generally accepted sense, land reform means redistribution of rights in land for the benefit of small farmers and landless people. This concept on land reform refers to its simple element commonly found in all land reform policies.

(b) In a broad sense, land reform is understood to mean any improvement in the institution of land system and agricultural organisation. This understanding of land reform suggests that land reform measures should go not only for redistribution of land but also undertake other measures to improve conditions of agriculture. The United Nations has accepted this notion of land reform.

(c) The UN definition says that the ideal land reform programme is an integrated programme of measures designed to eliminate obstacle to economic and social development arising out of defects in the agrarian structure.

(d) In the present context also, by land reforms we mean all those measures which have been undertaken in India by government to remove structural obstacles in the agrarian system.

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