The Story of Indian Democracy

The Story of Indian Democracy


Create a ‘Phad’ or a scroll with your own mandate when standing for school election. (This could be done in small groups of 5, like of 5, like a Panchayat).


In school Panchayat I along with my group of five members will try to do the following works enlisted as below:

(i) Arrangement of the school bus or buses will be done for all students.

(ii) Free passes will be given to SC/ST/ OBC or other poor and deserving students by the school management.

(iii) Proper arrangements for teachers of all subjects, discipline / hobbies / activities / games /and sports will be done for all classes and students.

(iv) Late comers or students coming without prescribed school uniform and trying to break discipline will be taken to discipline committee of the school. Complaints letters to concern parents will be issued and sturn action will be taken against habitual and regular defaultars.

(v) All school labs, geography room, social sciences room, library, computer room, Home Science room, games and sports room, drawing and painting room, medical room, etc, will be cleaned everyday, will be kept well arranged and they will function properly according to desire of students and their needs.

(vi) Special coaching classes arrangement will be made before and after school timing regularly mid-day meal will be provided to all willing students at a reasonable rate.

(vii) In the evening special games and sports programme for indoor school stadium programme will be arranged for games and sports and swimming pool of the school will be properly urtilised under the guidance of proper two coaches-separate for girls and boys at under four bodyguards-two for girls and two for boys.

(viii) To maintain cleanliness, water supply, electricity supply and maintenance of school lawns, plants, trees and garden will be handed over be private agency.

(ix) On every last Sunday terminal comprehensive test (exmination) will be arranged for board classes, (tenth and tenth).

(x) All curricular and extra co-curricular competition programmes will be in the hall of the school and good prizes will be awarded to the deserving students.

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