The Story of Indian Democracy

The Story of Indian Democracy


Discuss sources of income and items of expenditures of Panchayats. How have some checks imposed on the working of panchayats?


I. Sources of Income: The main income of the Panchayats is from tax on property, profession, animals, vehicles, cess on land revenue and rentals. The resources are further increased by the grants received through the Zilla Panchayat.

II. Items of Expenditures: Panchayats expend their funds on sanitation lighting of the streets, roads and lands, water supply, disposals of dirt and wastages, roads construction, primary school, small-parks, library, etc.

III. Checks on Panchayats: It is also considered compulsory for Panchayat offices to put up hoards outside their offices, listing the break-up of funds received, and utilisation of the financial aid received. This exercise was taken up to ensure that people at the grassroot level should have the ‘right to information’ -opening all functioning to the public eye. People had the right to scrutinise allocation of money. And ask reasons for decisions that were taken for the welfare and development activities of the village.

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