Environment and Society

Environment and Society


What are the four aspects of social ecology ?

Four Aspects of Social Ecology :

1. The four aspects of human ecology are : (i) population, (ii) environment, (iii) technology and (iv) social organisation.

(i) The biological mak-up of societies population needs water, food and air for survival.

(ii) Societies live in different environment. The geographic environment is exploited for food, water and shelter.

(iii) Both population and environment establish certain relationships. These relationships are achieved through the development of technology. Human beings invent several ways by which relationships develop between their requirements and environment. Along with the improvement in technology, the relantionship with the environment improves. Gradually human beings becomes less dependent on the environment.

(iv) There are many social organisation, which are part and parcel of human ecology. Changes in population, environment and technology affect the social environment. For example changes in technology bring changes in social life. Again, technology is the means by which adaptation to the environment takes place.

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