Environment and Society

Environment and Society


How have human beings controlled the nature ?

Control of Nature by the Human Beings : Human beings try to adapt themselves in the particular geographical and cultural environment on the one hand, and also try to control the environment according to their requirements, on the other. They try to learn to live comfortably under different ecological situations of cold and hot climate or on hills or plains or at the sea shore, in desert or heavy rains, in forests or plain valley regions.

On the other hand, with the help of modern technology, the human beings have controlled nature for comfortable living on the earth.

Therefore, human beings are in the constant process of adjustment to the environmental conditions. This constant process of adjustment to the environment began alongwith their emergence on the earth and this led to their cultural development.

Human beings invent several ways by which relationships develop between their requirements and nature and environment. Alongwith the improvement in technology, the relationship with the nature and environment improves. Gradually human beings become less dependent on the environment. Moreover, changes in technology also bring changes in their social life. Again, technology is the means by which adaptation to the environment takes place.

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