Globalisation and Social Change

Globalisation and Social Change


How can you point out that colonialism in India did not create hindrances in the progress process of global connection?


Before 15 August 1947, India was a British colony. Story of social development in modern India began in colonial period. Modern capitalism had a global dimension from its inception. Colonialism was a part of the system that required new sources of capital, raw materials, energy, markets and a global network that sustained it. Often globalisation today identifies large-scale movement of people or migration as a defining feature. You know, however, that perhaps the greatest movement of people was the migration of European people who settled down in the Americas and Austrlia. You will remember how indentured labourers were taken away in ships from India to work in distant parts of Asia, Africa and Americas. And the slave trade that carted thousands of Africans away to distant shores.

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