The Challenges of Cultural Diversity

The Challenges of Cultural Diversity


What example of reflexivity and confession with regret have Japan put before the world?


Japan had recently on 15th August, 2005 apologised for the atrocities of war and colonisation during 1904 to 1919 when she occupied part of East Asia including Korea and parts of China. It is really exemplary that a country bears sensitivity and reflexivity to such a great extent. Her prime minister Janichiro Koizumi had apologised those nations, the victims of Japan and those nations who were killed, injured or any way caused discomforts and unease. He had committed that Japan would not ever wage war again in future. Each individual/national from all centres in the world should take a lesson from that official apology begged by Japan and try to maintain peace and harmony at his/her home and in the world. The same has been done by people of white-European origin for the native people of Australia.

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