The Challenges of Cultural Diversity

The Challenges of Cultural Diversity


Why does an individual need an identity?


Basically, man is also an animal and it is evident from the gregarious instinct found in all of them alike other organism and animals. He is one of the species of mammals and all the difference that seen in form, is inculcated within him, through the process of socialisation that starts first from one's family. Mazzini has, therefore, truly stated—"A child learns the first chapter of civilization between the kiss of mother and the care of father". Every child, at the time of birth is as innocent as the Kids of other mammals. Whatever he learns directly or impliedly during the years between cradle and early adolescence has come that forms nuclens and he/she analyses issues thereafter, in their light. It is family that gives him name, surname, caste clan etc. just after a few days after his birth and according to prevailing rituals. He is addressed by the same identity in all spheres of the community i.e. school, neighbourhood, colony, government offices etc.

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