Change and Development in Rural Society

Change and Development in Rural Society


What measures do you think the government has taken, or should take, to protect the rights of landless agricultural labourers and migrant workers?


I think the government has taken or should take the following measures to protect the right of landless agricultural labourers and migrant workers:

(i) Bonded labour (such as halpati system in Gujarat and Jeeta system in Karnataka) have been abolished legally.

(ii) From the 1950s to the 1970s, a sevices of land reform were passed - at the national as well as in the states-that were intended to protect the rights of landless agricultural labourers and migrant workers.

(iii) An important legislation was passed to abolish the Zamindari system. This legislation removed the layer of intermediaries that stood between the cultivators and the state. Though this legislation could remove only the top layer of the landlords in the multi-layered agrarian structure. It should be made more effective and extensive.

(iv) The tenancy abolition and regulation acts were passed for land reforms. These acts attempted either to outlaw tenancy altogether or to regulate rents to give some security to the tenants. In some states land rights were given (West Bengal and Kerala) to the tenants.

(v) Land Ceiling Acts have been passed by the Government. These laws improved an upper limit on the amount of land that can be owned by a particular family. According to these acts the state is supposed to identify and take possessions of surplus land and should redistribute it to landless families and households in other specified categories, such as SCs and STs. But in most of the states these acts proved to be toothless. Its loopholes should be removed as soon as possible.

(vi) The condition of landless labourers and migrant labourers should be improved. They should be given all rights which have been given to other labourers of organized sector or factory workers, who are working on regular basis. They should be paid the minimum wage.

(vii) Migration of workers should be discouraged by providing them work in governmental development projects. Job security should be created for all workers living conditions and working conditions should be provided proper houses, schools, hosptials, transportation facilities to all workers and migrant labours also.

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