Change and Development in Rural Society

Change and Development in Rural Society


Hindi and regional languages films were often set in rural areas. Think of a film set in rural India and describe the agrarian society and culture that is shown in it. How realistic do you think the portrayal is? Have you seen any recent film set in rural areas? If not how would you explain it?


India lives in villages. Several films have been directed and produced in Hindi as well as regional languages from time to time. These films were after set in rural areas of the country. In Hindi we can mention the names of Mother India, Ankur, Upkar and Lagaan of such type of films. In these films rural India has been described in the problems faced by peasants and agrarian society have been presented own screen. These films had folk songs, folk dances and also India’s rural culture i.e., shown in these films.

As far as realistic aspects of the film is concerned we cannot claim that 100 per cent reality of the rural society has been shown in these film. But take example of Mother India. There is a poor farmer family. They are unable to purchase an ox. The couple themselves drive the plough. They are forced to take loan from rural money-lender. He charged high rate of interest-Rural people are forced to pay land revenue in time.

The farmers are forced to sale their agricultural produce immediately. Some of the farmers are forced to give their ancestors agricultural land to the money-lenders. Some old Zaminders try to exploit the rural women in some films. In short we can say that films are films. Producers spend crores of Rupees. The main motto of the film producers is to earn money. Even we can say that the films provide entertainment as well as they present must of the typical aspects of, knotty problems of the rural life as well as impressive song, music, dance and scenes related with rural life.

The recent film Lagaan has shown that how did the Britishers exploited the Indian farmers to pay land revenue at very high rate at that time. They were forced to obey harsh rules and regulation definitely this film gives as true picture of colonial rule.


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