Introducing Indian Society

Introducing Indian Society


What are personal troubles and social issues?


Personal troubles comprise the kinds of individual worries, problems or concerns that everyone whosoever has born in this blue planet has always in mind and temperament both. It is because of worldly living has direct nexus with passions, urges and temptations that raise tremulations till the last breath. For an instance, you may be unhappy about the way elders in your family treat you or your brothers, sisters or friends treat you. Sources of pride, tension, confidence or embarrassment in different ways may also be kept in the list of personal troubles.

Social issues may arise in large groups of individuals like staff, council, institutions, concerns, firms etc. These are manifested in riots, procession, strikes, disputes, controversies etc. Generation gap or friction between older and younger generations is also a social issue. Some other social issues are unemployment problem, communalism, casteism and gender-bias.

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