Introducing Indian Society

Introducing Indian Society


Why does the prior knowledge with society become both an advantage and a disadvantage for sociology?


It becomes advantage when socialisation process at home is perfect or wholesome with cosmos-consciousness. This subject becomes easy for the students and they start taking keen interest ab-initio because of their learning through socialisation at the levels of home, peer groups, neighbourhood, colony as also the community and the institutions like school, hospital, health centre, post office etc. where they visit frequently with their parents, siblings and other children of the same age group. The disadvantage is that this prior knowledge can be a problem in order to learn sociology. We have to erase the state of our mind if prior learning is acquired from a particular view point or if it is below or self-centered. The beliefs and expectations about society and social relations being specific may delude us if is sallow or self-centered unsound and they are unscientific. In case, we not erase them, there is danger of being ours partial which will act as deterrent in understanding sociology.

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