Introducing Indian Society

Introducing Indian Society


What type of community is a nation?


It’s a sort of community easy to describe but hard to define. Easy to describe because many specific nations are founded on the basis of common cultural, historical and political institutions like a shared religion, language, ethnicity, history or regional culture. It is hard to define because there are a number of nations that do not share a single common language, religion, ethnicity etc. A number of languages, religions or ethnicities are shared in such nations. Eg. India, Alaska and the USA, Malvinas/Falkland islands and the U.K., Austria and Germany, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE. These show the difference between formation of nation. In recent times, there has been a one-to-one bond between nation and state. This is the reason, the term nation joins the state with a hyphen (-) i.e. Nation-state. Soviet union in the past was a state of (union of) different i.e. more than one hundred nations. A general tendency is being found in nations to work towards forming a state and that of representing a nation in the states.

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