The Summit Within | The School Boy

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Write the noun forms of the following words adding -ance or -ence to each.

(i) endure ________________
(ii) persist ________________
(iii) signify ________________
(iv) confide ________________
(v) maintain ________________
(vi) abhor ________________


 Words                 (Noun forms)
(i) endure  =         endurance   
(ii) persist =         persistence
(iii) signify =         significance
(iv) confide =        confidence
(v) maintain =       maintenance 
(vi) abhor    =       abhorrence

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Some More Questions From The Summit Within | The School Boy Chapter

Why is the adventure, which is risky, also pleasurable?

What was it about Mount Everest that the author found irresistible?

One does not do it (climb a high peak) for fame alone. What does one do it for, really?

“He becomes conscious in a special manner of his own smallness in this large universe.” This awareness defines an emotion mentioned in the first paragraph. Which is the emotion?

What were the “symbols of reverence” left by members of the team on Everest?

What, according to the writer, did his experience as an Everester teach him?

Write a sentence against each of the following statements. Your sentence should explain the statement. You can pick out sentences from the text and rewrite them. The first one has been done for you.

(i) The experience changes you completely.
One who has been to the mountains is never the same again.

(ii) Man takes delight in overcoming obstacles. _________________________________________

(iii) Mountains are nature at its best. _________________________________________

(iv) The going was difficult but the after-effects were satisfying. _________________________________________

(v) The physical conquest of a mountain is really a spiritual experience. ____________________________

Look at the italicised phrases and their meanings given in brackets.

Mountains are nature (nature’s best form and appearance) at its best. Your life is at risk. (in danger; you run the risk of losing your life.)

He was at his (it was his best/worst performance.) best/worst in the last meeting.

Fill in the blanks in the following dialogues choosing suitable phrases from those given in the box.

at hand, at once, at all, at a low ebb, at first sight 

(i) Teacher: You were away from school without permission. Go to the principal ________________ and submit your explanation.
Pupil: Yes, Madam. But would you help me write it first?

(ii) Arun: Are you unwell? Ila: No, not ________________ Why do you ask?
Arun: If you were unwell, I would send you to my uncle. He is a doctor.

(iii) Mary: Almost every Indian film has an episode of love ________________.
David: Is that what makes them so popular in foreign countries?

(iv) Asif: You look depressed. Why are your spirits ________________ today? (Use such in the phrase)
Ashok: I have to write ten sentences using words that I never heard before.

(v) Shieba: Your big moment is close ________________.
Jyoti: How should I welcome it?
Shieba: Get up and receive the trophy.

Write the noun forms of the following words adding -ance or -ence to each.

(i) endure ________________
(ii) persist ________________
(iii) signify ________________
(iv) confide ________________
(v) maintain ________________
(vi) abhor ________________

Match words under A with their meanings under B.