A Short Monsoon Diary | On The Grasshopper And Cricket


‘Although tin roofs are given to springing unaccountable leaks, there is a feeling of being untouched by, and yet in touch with, the rain.’

(i) Why has the writer used the word, ‘springing’?
(ii) How is the writer untouched by the rain?
(iii) How is the writer in touch with the rain at the same time?


(i) The term ' springing ' implies to evolve suddenly. The roof of the housewas corrugated tin and hole / leaks were uneven..
(ii) The writer, as he was in the house, did not get entirely wet by the rain. He was therefore untouched by the rain.
(iii) At the same moment, the writer was in contact with the rain because by listening to his drumming noise on the corrugated tin ceiling, he could feel the rain. 

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