A Short Monsoon Diary | On The Grasshopper And Cricket


Look carefully at the diary entries for June 24-25, August 2 and March 23. Now write down the changes that happen as the rains progress from June to March.


June 24 is the monsoon mist's first day. The mist dissimulates the mountains. It covers the mountains with a silence cover. The actual shower of the monsoon is coming on June 25. < br>
By August 2, it continually rained without stopping for eight or nine days. The monsoon gets tired of the individuals. No storm, no thunder, only a continuous downpour in the tropics. People avoid the noise of raindrops falling on their roofs in their homes. In the towers, attics and godowns, snakes and rodents take refuge. < br>
March 23 announces winter's end. After a hailstorm, the sky begins to become clear. And in the clear sky a rainbow begins to form. One can appreciate this rainbow sight that demonstrates nature's beauty.

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