The Challenges of Cultural Diversity

The Challenges of Cultural Diversity


Whether you think Hindus as communalists?


In the present hotch-potch of communalisation, coalition, number game in elections, polluted human-minds because of globalisation, misuse of knowledge on world history, open field in Indian Constitution to amend, play wrench and torts Each individual of India has become simultaneously communalist, secularist, terrorists extortionist, perjurer and propagandist. Besides loss of ascriptive identity, the acquired identities have also been intermingled. In such a cloudy weather, it cannot be told which community is communalist or which is not. Goswami Tubsidas has quoted following lines that represent a correct reply to this question—

हरित भूमि तृण संकुलित, समुझि करे नहिं पंथ।
जिमि पाखंड विवाद से, लुप्त भये सद्ग्रंथ।

(viz. grass has grown so dense as it has covered the path and it is difficult to trace. Akin to it, the sparks (volume) of conscience keep them aloof when passionate or futile discussion and debates are favoured by the rabbles.

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