The Challenges of Cultural Diversity

The Challenges of Cultural Diversity


How are religion related issues the most contentious aspect of cultural diversity?


Religious identity being in its abstract form and presence of a member of agents in the form of priests, prophets, Brahmins, monks etc. it is imposed on the society. Metaphysics being a subject of in-depth contemplation, introspection and penance, we all people in society never bother ourselves to find out reality. This is so because modern house-hold life hardly leaves time to ponder upon such topics. Each among us, therefore, does copy of what these agents say or suggest. Moreover, ways to observe religion are with much or less difference. Hence, followers are hurt whenever they see some others have done anything that is understood unfair in their religion. Actually, the perceived form of religion is delusive in itself as it is a matter of conception after in-depth contemplation, concentration and meditation popularly known as yogic practice.

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