Introducing Indian Society

Introducing Indian Society


What do you understand by social structure?


It is the way to fulfil some basic needs like hunger, shelter, protection and other biological urges. The structure of a human society is similar to the structure of a building, which has generally three components : (i) building material such as bricks, mortars, beams and pillars (ii) Arrangement of material in a definits order and (iii) unification of building material and that of definite order to make a building one unit, or wholesome structure. Likewise a building, a society consists of (i) males and females, adults and children, various occupational and religious groups and so on (ii) the interrelationship between various parts (viz. relation between husband and wife, that of parents and children and between various groups and finally (iii) all the parts of the society are put together to work as a unit. Thus, structure, function and system are interrelated and complementary concepts.

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