Introducing Indian Society

Introducing Indian Society


What is affluenza, a new ailment in the giant cross of globalisation? Whether this lifestyle will do any good for individual and the country as a whole? Discuss.


The World Health Organisation (WHO) has recently given a combined name as Affluenza to the diseases like cardiovascular diseases, cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and disbetes. It has been stated that these are the biggest causes of death in the South-East Asia region today. These are the 'lifestyle diseases' or diseases of affluence'—Say WHO. These are rapidly reaching epidemic proportions in India—a country with a booming economy that has suddenly given an entire middle class the opportunity to become seriously wealthy. The flood of this ailment is seen rising since decade of 2000's i.e. economic liberalisation and globalisation adopted by India and MNCs' have opened their offices in all the nooks and corners of mega-cities here.

This life style ailment or affluenza are prevalent in the backdrop of an urban environment where “achievement” is the motto where healthy food, sleep, exercise, relaxation and interests other than the pursuit of wealth are all sacrificed on the altar of achievement.

A british psychologist Oliver James defines this disease as—'A contagious middle class virus causing depression, anxiety, addiction and ennui affluenza is the placing of a high value on money, possessions, appearances (Physical and social which our youngchaps say impression) and fame. It's hunger for materialistic gain which has even kicked off ideal socialisation process behind-say some scholars, parents and sociologists when they observe the trend of future India. These passions for money and material possession are the root causes of affluenza ?

Sociological factor : A giant cross of globalisation with messed up culture and hike in I.T. sector alongwith entrance of MNCs have brought certain drastic change in Indian society particularly that of middle class addressed as bourgeoisie in the history of Europe and that of world—the most Vulnerable to likewise changes. History is evident that it receives upperhands of others and thus, brings slavery to the country as a whole. The youth of this class are soon misdirected because of their's being the most passionate for money and material possession. Most Member States to globalisation in the region are undergoing significant social and demographic changes marked by rapid urbanisation, expanding industrialisation, rising income and improved health care. This all is resulting in high prevalence of common risk factors namely, tobacco use, alcohol abuse, unhealthy diet, obesity and physical inactivity.

An analysis or reflexivity on the scenario : Indian society should take precautions of the situation formed or resulted since last decade and our adolescents should be taught on past glory of India in terms of ethics, morals, self-restraint, continence so that they could be saved from deluding by jingling of rise in income. We need more jobs and more structures in place that help more and more people across classes get healthy opportunities to earn their livelihood because such blind race is being run due to the fact that there are still fewer jobs than qualified people available in our country. Affluenza is knocking down our young India because there is a great gap between what one knows and what he does. One should keep in mind that money is a good servant but a cruel master. It's a means not accomplishment—says a sociologist.

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