Introducing Indian Society

Introducing Indian Society


Whether people should apologise as and when they realise their caste, creed or in other words, ascriptive or community identity have had any time inflicted atrocity on other people? Discuss.


However it is a common practice that the losing side in a war is forced to apologise for the bad things, assumed so, at the fancy of the winners, but there are some people and nationals who still are exception of the same viz they apologise even for the past wrongs committed by their ancestors.

Presently, majority of the population ruling in Australia is of white European origin. The native people (Aboriginals) who are in minority were once sujected to coercion and atrocity. When this fact was realised by the ruling race, it passed some variant of the following apology resolution.

“ We, the peoples of Australia, of many origins as we are, make a commitment to go on together in a spirit of reconciliation. We value the unique status of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the original owners and custodians of lands and waters.........Our nation must have the courage to own the truth, to heal the wounds of its past so that we can move on together at peace with ourselves.....we pledge ourselves to stop injustice, overcome disadvantage and respect that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islands peoples have the right to self determination within the life of the nation.'

Similarly, USA is pending with debate about apologies to the native American community viz aborigines driven out by war and to the black community (brought as slaves from Africa). Japan has also apologised for the atrocities of war and colonisation when East Asia and Korea as also parts of China were occupied. Prime Minister Junichro Koizumis’s following speech delivered on 15th August, 2005 exhibits the tone of apology as under :

“In the past, Japan through its colonial rule and aggression, caused tremendous demage and suffering to the people of many countries, particularly to those of Asian Nations. Sincerely facing these facts of history, I once again express my feelings of deep remorse and heart felt apology, and also express the feelings of mourning for all victims, both at home and abroad, in the war. I am determined not to allow the lessons of that horrible war to erode, and to contribute to the peace and prosperity of the world without ever again waging a war.”

Conclusion : These are good signals on part of nations as I have referred to above. It is phenomena of cosmos- consciousness which is attained to, when impartial introspection or ascriptive identity or community identity is taken for analysis and self-reflexivity sieves out the reality. In case, self-realisation in the same manner is obtained by each individual, all conflicts based on false identity between man to man and slavery imposed by a man on man shall abolish from this whole world. May such all-round development attain to by each individual.

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