Indian Sociologists

Indian Sociologists


Write an essay on the Dhurjati Prasad Mukerji's views on Personality.

D.P. Mukerji's views on Personality: 1. D.P. Mukerji - told with a sense of humour that he propounded the thesis of 'Purusha'. The 'Purusha' is not isolated from society and individual. Neither he is under the hold or group mind. The 'Purusha' establishes the relationship with others as an active agent and discharges responsiblities. He claimed that the Purusha grows as a result of his relations with others and, in this way, occupies a better place among human groups.

2. Dhurjati Prasad Mukerji confesses that the Indian social life of bees and beavers and the Indians are almost a regimental people.

But 'the beauty of it', in that the majority of us do not feel regimented.

3. Dhurjati Prasad Mukerji doubts whether the western individual man dominated by the market system has any liberty at all. He is exposed to the manipulation of advertisements, press-chains, chain stores and his purse is continuously emptied. All this does not leave much scope for individual's right of choice and consumer's sovereignty.

4.Contrastingly, the low level of aspiration of the average Indian, which is moderated by group norms, results into greater poise in life. This should not be missed in our urge for uplifting the level of wants.

5. The Indian sociologists, in this way, will have to accept the group as units and reject the individual. For that is the tradition of India. The Indian sociologists will have to understand the specific nature of this tradition.

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