Indian Sociologists

Indian Sociologists


Write down four line on restrictions on marriage in caste system.

Restrictions on marriage in caste System.

1. Inter caste marriage was prohibited. Hence people marry within their own caste grouping. They practise endogamy.

2. Govind Sadashiv Ghurye mentions also the role of hypergamy in promoting limited mobility within the caste system.

3. In Gujarat and Rajasthan there are instance where rulers or Rajas have married tribal women. It has, thus, contributed to the unity of the Indian society through the institution of caste.

4. Caste is linked with kinship through caste-endogamy and also gotra – exogamy. Gotra has been treated as a thoroughly exgomous unit by the Brahmians and later by the non-Brahmins. The basic notion here is that all the members of a gotra are related to one another, through blood, i.e. they have a rishi or a sage as their common ancestor. Therefore, the marriage between two persons will lead to incestuous relationship. It will lead the lineages of the gotra to near-extinction. It is totally unscientific.

5. The fact that gotra survives even today-with very few exceptions - shown the role and tyrannical power of certain ideas and beliefs in human behaviour and social process.

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