Introducing Western Sociologists

Introducing Western Sociologists


xplain the meaning of the following terms/words :

Exploitation, Ancient Mode of Production, Feudal Mode of Production, Capitalist Mode of Production, Bourgeoisie.

1. Exploitation : It refers to appropriation of worker’s wages i.e., surplus by depriving them of their due share.

2. Ancient Mode of Production : It refers to a situation on enslavement of labour. Two classes that exist in medieval these stages are called masters and slaves.

3. Feudal Mode of Production : This is characterized by serfdom and found in feudal societies of the Western Europe.

4. Capitalist Mode of Production : This is characterized by wage earning and is found in capitalist societies.

5. Bourgeoise : These are those few who own the means of production in a capitalist society. They enjoy both economic and political power.

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