Environment and Society

Environment and Society


What are some of the important forms of pollution related environmental hazards ?

Important forms of pollution related to environmental hazards :

(i) Air Pollution : Air pollution is considered to be a major environmental problem in urban and rural areas, causing respiratory and other problems which result in serious illness and death. The Sources of air pollution include emissions from industries and vehicles, as well as the burning of wood and coal for domestic use.

Sources or Causes : We have all heard of pollution from vehicles and factories, and seen pictures of smoking chimneys and exhaust pipes in cars. But we often don't realise that indoor pollution from cooking fires is also a serious source of risk. This is particularly true rural homes where wood fires using green or poorly burning wood, badly designed fireplaces (chulhas), and poor ventilation combine to put village women at serious risk because they do the cooking.

(ii) Water Pollution : Water pollution is also a very serious issue affecting surface as well as groundwater. Major sources include not only domestic sewage and factory effluents but also the run-off from farms where large amount of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides are used. The pollution of rivers and water bodies is a particularly important problem.

(iv) Noise Pollution : Cities also suffer from noise pollution, which has been the subject of court orders in many cities. Sources include amplified loud speakers used at religious and cultural events, political campaigns, vehicle horns and traffic, and construction work.

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