Glimpses Of The Past | Macavity : The Mystery Cat

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Two popular leaders who led the revolt (choice may vary).


Mangal Pandey, Tatya Tope.

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Some More Questions From Glimpses of the Past | Macavity : The Mystery Cat Chapter

In what ways did the British officers exploit Indians?

The ruler who fought pitched battles against the British and died to fight.

The person who wanted to reform the society

The person who recommended the introduction of English education in India.

Two popular leaders who led the revolt (choice may vary).

Two examples of social practices prevailing then?

Two oppressive policies of the British.

Two ways in which common people suffered.

Four reasons for the discontent that led to the 1857 War of Independence.

In comics what the characters speak is put in bubbles. This is direct narration. When we report what the characters speak, we use the method of indirect narration. 

Study these examples.

First farmer: Why are your men taking away the entire crop?
Second farmer: Your men have taken away everything.

Officer: You are still in arrears. If you don’t pay tax next week, I’ll send you to jail.
The first farmer asked the officer why his men were taking away the entire crop.
The second farmer said that their men had taken away everything.

The officer replied that they were still in arrears and warned them that if they did not pay tax the following week, he (the officer) would send them (the farmers) to jail.

1. Change the following sentences into indirect speech.

(i) First man: We must educate our brothers.
Second man: And try to improve their material conditions.
Third man: For that we must convey our grievances to the British Parliament. The

first man said that ______________________________________________
The second man added that ______________________________________
The third man suggested that ____________________________________

(ii) First soldier: The white soldier gets huge pay, mansions and servants.
Second soldier: We get a pittance and slow promotions.
Third soldier: Who are the British to abolish our customs?

The first soldier said that _______________________________________ 
The second soldier remarked that ________________________________
The third soldier asked _________________________________________