Haloalkanes and Haloarenes

Haloalkanes and Haloarenes


The reaction of propene with HOCl(Cl2+H2O) proceeds through the intermediate:

  • CH3−CH+−CH2−Cl

  • CH3−CH(OH)−C+H2

  • CH3−CHCl−C+H2

  • CH3−C+H−CH2−OH




CH subscript 3 space minus CH equals CH subscript 2 space rightwards arrow from left parenthesis electrophilic space addition right parenthesis to straight H straight O with straight delta minus on top minus straight C with straight delta plus on top straight l of space stack CH subscript 3 space minus straight C with plus on top straight H space minus CH subscript 2 minus Cl with left parenthesis intermediate right parenthesis below
rightwards arrow with straight O with minus on top straight H on top space CH subscript 3 minus CH left parenthesis OH right parenthesis minus CH subscript 2 minus Cl

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