Haloalkanes and Haloarenes

Haloalkanes and Haloarenes


In SN2 reactions, the correct order of reactivity for the following compounds CH3Cl, CH3CH2Cl, (CH3)2CHCl and (CH3)3CCl is

  • CH3Cl > (CH3)2CHCl >CH3CH2Cl > (CH3)3CCl

  • CH3Cl > CH3CH2Cl > (CH3)2CHCl >(CH3)3CCl

  • CH3CH2Cl > CH3Cl >(CH3)2CHCl >(CH3)3CCl

  • (CH3)2CHCl > CH3CH2Cl > CH3Cl >(CH3)3CCl



CH3Cl > CH3CH2Cl > (CH3)2CHCl >(CH3)3CCl

Rate space of space straight S subscript straight N 2 space proportional to fraction numerator 1 over denominator Steric space crowding space of space apostrophe straight C apostrophe end fraction
As steric hindrance (crowding) increases, the rate of SN2 reaction decreases.
The order of reactivity towards SN2 reaction for alkyl halides is 
Primary halides > Secondary halides >Tertiary halides

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