Shanti, a domestic helper of Mrs. Anuradha, fainted while mopping the floor. Mrs. Anuradha immediately took her to the nearby hospital where she was diagnosed to be severely ‘anaemic’. The doctor prescribed an iron rich diet and multivitamins supplement to her. Mrs. Anuradha supported her financially to get the medicines. After a month, Shanti was diagnosed to be normal.

(i) What values are displayed by Mrs. Anuradha?

(ii) Name the vitamin whose deficiency causes ‘pernicious anaemia’.

(iii) Give an example of a water soluble vitamin.


(i) Mrs. Anuradha displayed values like concern, care and help by being with her domestic helper in her unfortunate moments.

(ii) Deficiency of Vitamin B12 causes ‘Pernicious anaemia’.

(iii) B group vitamins and Vitamin C are water soluble vitamins.

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