Cell Cycle , Cell Divisiopn And Structure Of Chromosomes

  • Question

    The diagram shows a stage during cell division. Study the diagram and answer the following questions:

     (i) Name the parts labelled 1, 2 and 3.

    (ii) Identify the stage shown here by giving one reason.

    (iii) Where in the body does this type of cell division occur?

    (iv) Name the stage prior to this stage and draw a diagram to represent the same.


    (i) The parts are ; 
    1 - Aster

    2 - Spindle fibres

    3 - Chromatids

    (ii) Anaphase Stage as the two chromatids of each chromosome separate and move apart towards the opposite poles. 

    (iii) This type of cell division takes place in body cells or somatic cells.

    (iv) The stage prior to anaphase is metaphase.

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