The Circulatory System

  • Question

    The diagram below represents the human heart in one phase of its function.

    Study the diagram carefully and answer the questions that follow:

    i. Name the phase.

    ii. Which part of the heart is contracting in this phase? Give a reason to support your answer.

    iii. Name the parts labelled 1 to 4.

    iv. What type of blood flows through ‘2’?

    v State the function of the part numbered ‘5’.

    vi Name the membrane that covers the heart.


    i.Ventricular systole

    ii.Ventricles are contracting and the tricuspid and bicuspid valves are closed. Semilunar valves are open.

    1 - Pulmonary artery
    2 - Aorta
    3 - Mitral valve
    4 - Semilunar valve

    iv. Oxygenated blood
    v. Semilunar valve which prevents the back flow of blood from pulmonary artery to ventricle.


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