Absorption By Roots - The Process Involved

  • Question

    a. The figure given below shows the epidermal cells of an onion bulb. This cell was then transferred to a drop of a sugar solution.

    i. Draw a well labelled diagram of the epidermal cell as it would appear after immersion in a strong sugar solution.

    ii. what is the scientific term is used for the changes as shown in (i) above?

    iii. What should be done to restore the cell back to its original condition?

    iv. Give the scientific term for the recovery of the cell as a result of the step taken in (iii) above

    v. Define the term osmosis.



    ii. Plasmolysis

    iii. To restore the original condition the cell is kept in hypotonic solution so that is absorbs water.

    iv. Deplasmolysis

    v. Osmosis – Is the process of the movement of the solvent molecule from the region of its higher concentration to the region of its lower concentration through a semi-permeable membrane.

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