Patterns of Social Inequality and Exclusion

Patterns of Social Inequality and Exclusion


What is the relationship between caste and economic inequality today?


Relationship between caste and economic inequality : Caste inequality is directly associated with the economic status and occupation as it is evident from ancient history. Eg. If someone has bom in the family of carpenter, he would have to join the same occupation when he is grown-up. As per scriptural approach however, social and economic statuses are taken differently in caste hierarchy. For example, Brahmans were not supposed to amass Wealth and live under mercy of rulers. Contrary to it, these rulers were subordinated to the social status of Brahmans. However, there was seen correlation between social and economic status in practice. Eg. Higher castes were invariably of higher economic status while lower castes were always witnessed lower in economic status. In modem age, this correlation is getting weaker as we see rich and poor people are equally found in every caste. Distinctions between castes of similar social and economic status have now weakened. However these are still existed between different socio-economic groupings. The distinction between privileged (upper caste and higher economic status) and disadvantaged sections of society (lower caste & lower economic status) are still existed as before. This is because a lower caste individual tends to adopt purgation or purification procedure of Hindu community when his economic status is increased as there are no restriction now existed upon changing of one's occupation.

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