Patterns of Social Inequality and Exclusion

Patterns of Social Inequality and Exclusion


How can you say that Dalits are now in protest against the social hierarchy?


It is evident from the extract of an article published in Tehelka on 18th February 2006 in which Basharat had mentioned that the youth of Gohana, a town in Haryana had killed in a scuffle, a Jat youth and the entire Jat community had looted and burnt all houses in retaliation as it was reported by Vinod Kumar, presently a Senior Assistant in an insurance company and an inhabitant of that town. They have resettled there—writes Basharat. He again refers to an event when another fellow Sudesh Katara, an Assistant Engineer had gone to attend marriage party of one of his friend but humiliated when some people recognised his being from a dalit family. He appears enthusiast enough to organise a strong protest against such exclusion still prevailing in all over Haryana.

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