Cultural Change

Cultural Change


Highlight the features of Social Movement.


Any collective mobilisation for action directed explicity towards an alteration or transformation of the structure of a system can be properly understood as a social movement.

Features of social movement:

1. Social movement is a collective mobilisation as against occasional individual efforts. Social movements are organised collective endeavours.

2. The organisational structure and leadership is another vital aspect of a social movement.

3. Distribution of tasks is required in every movement. These tasks are assigned to different persons and units of the group depending upon personal qualities and commitments of individuals.

A persuasive leader leads a movement support of the masses tends to be spontaneous. Different levels of organisations are devised on the basis of movements, aims and objectives.

4. Social movements cannot keep itself alive unless it develops its ideological frame and identity.

5. Social movement is change-oriented. Every movement is directed towards some change according to its aims and objectives. The relationship between social movements and social change is well-established.

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