Cultural Change

Cultural Change


Describe the process of modernisation.


(i) Modernisation is a process which takes a country from underdevelopment to development. It produces social environment for economic development. The growth in industrialisation, urbanisation, national income and per capita income are taken as criteria of development.
(ii) Under modernisation structural transformation takes place in the economic, political and social insitutions and in values and attitudes also. The idea of modernisation has also been analysed in the terms of the paired concepts of tradition and modernity.

(iii) Modernisation in India commenced after the arrival of the British rule. The contact with the west brought about far reaching changes in social structure and cultural institutions. Changes were witnessed in almost all important areas of life.

(iv) The British administration introduced new arrangements in legal agrarian, educational and administrative dominions. Most of these led to structural modernisation. The emergence and growth of a nationalist political leadership was also the result of growing modernisation of Indian society. In the process of modernisation several traditional institutions and activities have been changed.

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